Insights I

lately i been taking some time away from the scene & working so much to go out into nature & get inspired with life without constraints . it’s been quite therapeutic & liberating . it’s given me the space to think more positive because i was getting to a point where i was mad all the time & stressed . now i’m working on buttoning up the final stitches for the musick of the next album . then i’ll start on the marketing & promoting aspect , maybe a video or 2 👀 . besides that the new band is going swell & we been working & will continue to do so . very excited for the future & what is to come !! as for the vibes venue i’ve secured a couple dates at the garden with the first in december , by not doing shows so much i fully intend to make the upcoming ones more interactive & creative . peace & love to all !! i’ll blog again sometime soon .

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