Kosmic Jam

So for about the last 7-8 months the formation of a new band has been in the process. One that we didn’t know the name of for awhile. We’ve mainly been improvising & just feeling each others energy out for most of that time. Over the last few weeks we’ve made major breakthroughs in our writing process. That also was something that needed time to figure out, a natural process that allows us all to shine. If you haven’t seen any of our Instagram Story posts about the band, there are 5 of us in Kosmic Jam.

Guy https://www.instagram.com/guy_zensei/

Jeremy https://www.instagram.com/jeremy_beck0/

Alex https://www.instagram.com/alxsrez/

Gabe https://www.instagram.com/no_longer_lucid/

and Myself https://www.instagram.com/brandonsolvera/

It’s interesting how it all panned out. I started looking for band members to form a band early this year. First I think it was Gabe who was introduced to me by a friend, Julia. Then I contacted Guy & it was just the three of us for a bit. One day Guy was over & Jeremy was coincidently coming over & he heard us jamming & offered to play the drums I had there. I had no clue he could play the drums. And that was that. Then at practice one day I invited Alex out. We started practicing at the original Vibes Venue location & now at Guy’s garage. We are super excited to start performing shows & share our music with the world. Right now all we have is rough recordings of practices & a couple incomplete rough drafts of songs I have below here. Sorry the Liberated track cuts off at the end, I tried to get it all but the screen record messed up twice at the end. So I was like yeah that’s good enough for a sneak peek.

Perhaps there shall be pop up performances in creative locations for free before we start performing at venues. 👀

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