11/7/21 23:18

Well the other night was chill just like any other night… my residence became under attack. Two guys came banging on my door & tried to break in, smashed my front door window & I was forced to whoop both of them fuckers.

It all started when Madison & I were coming home. Two drunk guys I’ve never seen before were walking on the street when we pulled in. They were stumbling in the street & one of them was on the floor. I asked if they were okay, and they said some weird shit like are you okay? We stopped talking with them & then went inside. We started watching them on the cameras, Madison & I agreed the situation felt weird.

They came to the front door knocking, we ignored it at first. Then they tried turning the knob then they started banging on the door. After that I went to the door opened it yelling, while Madison was dialing 911.

“What the fuck do y’all want in the middle of the night banging on my door like this!” One of them put their foot in the door.

“We just want a cigarette. Do you want to fight? I’ll stab you & kill you.” The both of them said.

“I don’t want to fight, leave my private residence!” I said a few times but they kept refusing.

After that I pushed them outside, closing & locking the door. Then they broke the front door window. That was the last straw. As soon as I swung the door open I came out swinging, I punched the guy on my left in the face & he fell then did the same to the other guy. I went back & forth again both with a punch & a knee. I threw the guy on the left off of the porch. Then I threw the guy on the right into the porch & he broke through the wood which was a little rotted in the first place. The guy I threw off was down for a bit then stumbled away. I watched him leave & watched the other guy pick himself up & leave. The cops were on the scene a couple minutes afterwards.

They had taken one of the guys home already for being drunk & dancing in the street. The officer thought he was done for the night but apparently not. Now all that’s left is prosecuting these fools, getting restitution, getting a new door, dealing with a sore knuckle & knees. What’s even more crazy is my porch camera didn’t record the incident since an insect landed on it, I got that on film about 5pm. I got these pictures the next day though.

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