Recent & Upcoming Stuff

idk where to begin but a lot of dope stuff has been happening & more to come . on nov. 19th Madison & I published our first magazine call Summit City Zines , digital copies available through the menu tab & at this time physical copies are at The Muse Market . on that same day i performed at Wunderkammer for my first time , an awesome art gallery on the south side of Fort Wayne if you don’t know . the next day was another first time at The Brass Rail a downtown bar in Fort Wayne . both those performances i played piano & sung together for my first time something i’ve always wanted to be able to do as a writer/musician . i believe the thursday before that weekend we had a lunar eclipse , the longest duration of one we’ve had over the last 400 years i might add .

as for December to cap off the year there’s a handful of stuff . first i got a set at an open mic on the 3rd in Columbia City at Crafted Fate that starts at 6 pm . then i got a gig bartending at a private party . an art show at the garden on the 10th . there will be physical artists , musicians , break dancing & stand up comedy . the event is called summit city renaissance and it’s the first event that i’ve hosted & planned since i was promoting out of the ruin . and on the 11th i’ll be releasing my second solo album called Ars Gratia Artis accompanied by a release show at The Muse starting at 7pm .

needless to say through these turbulent times accompanied by emotional ups & downs & dealing with shitty artists & business people , i still feel optimistic about the future & people . these difficult circumstances has led me to good people & more wisdom . i’m very excited for what 2022 will bring . i will do my best to continue to archive & document things . i intend to write out the backstory of The Vibes Venue & put it on the page for it soon . i’m also for happy for how the website has been coming along . i purchased the domain & platform to build it on in spring of 2020 & it’s not until 2021 that i feel that i’m optimizing it & using it to it’s max potential . i love all you people even if you hate me & yourself . we all one , stand up for yourself & what you believe in , we can make this world a better place through art & creation .

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