Ever Changing

I feel like I’ve entered a whole new era since the last blog post about a year ago. Unfortunately I’m not going to keep up with it like I wanted to and truthfully I never really did, it was a fun idea though. Maybe I’ll post here & there but don’t count on it. It’s basically a requirement to have a blog post page to have a website through WordPress. Too much has happened to summarize what all has transpired. A lot of it being bad but also a lot of good, things are really turning the corner now. I won’t be such an active face on the music scene here in Fort Wayne anymore but believe me I’ll be on my grind behind the scenes and popping out here & there. I feel like I contributed a bunch to the art scene here & feel satisfied with all the experiences and fires we’ve lit doing The Rothman Cypher, The Vibes Venue, Summit City Zines & Kosmic Jam. Now that I’m doing really well as a Freelance A/V Tech & Sound Engineer I plan to just grind on that & make music. Making music is what got me into everything that has happened in the recent growing of Fort Wayne’s Music & Art Scene over the past 4 years so now I feel it’s time to reapproach being a music artist & return most my energy towards making music instead of some. Peace.

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