The Vibes Venue 2018
The Ruin 2021
The Vibes Venue 2019

Starting in late 2014 in Fort Wayne, Indiana where I began producing music, writing lyrics, songs & Graphic Designing. Originally a group of 3 with Steven Karbach, Zach Rhodes & Myself we all grew up on Rothman Rd. northeast of town. Our first project was released as Rothman Cypher Productions, later projects released as The Rothman Cypher. In 2017 we became a group of 4 with the addition of Jacob Rhodes, Zach’s brother. We started performing shows in 2017 at house parties and backyard parties. Then in 2018 we found a venue called The Glory Hub in Fort Wayne which eventually became The Vibes Venue. That place, very much so was our foundational spot. Since 2019 The Rothman Cypher has been a group of 2, Steven and I. Due to a falling out between myself & The Rhodes Bros.