The Rothman Cypher a.k.a. Rothman Cypher Productions

The Vibes Venue 2018
The Ruin 2021
The Vibes Venue 2019

Starting in 2014 in Fort Wayne, Indiana where I began producing music, writing lyrics, and songs. Originally a group of 3 with Steven Karbach, Zach Rhodes & Myself we all grew up on Rothman Rd. in town. In 2017 we became a group of 4 with the addition of Jacob Rhodes, Zach’s brother. We started performing shows in 2017 at house parties and backyard parties. Then in 2018 we found a venue called The Glory Hub in Fort Wayne which eventually became The Vibes Venue. That place very much so was our foundational spot. Since 2019 The Rothman Cypher has been a group of 2, Steven and I. Due to a falling out between myself & The Rhodes Bros.