Currently hosting shows monthly rotating between Wunderkammer and The Garden until a definite new home is secured. If you have inquiries please email below.

Past, Present, Future of TVV

It all began in 2017-2018 when The Rothman Cypher was looking for an all age venue. Specifically we were looking for an all age venue because I was the only one in the group who wasn’t 21 at the time and we didn’t know how to get booked at a bar, seems simple now. Anyways we found an underground venue in a partially abandoned old warehouse called The Glory Hub. This place was like our home damn near, we loved the vibes. We performed there 3-4 times a year till 2019.

Over that time I got to know the owner and the man running The Glory Hub which was mainly a Christian Fellowship and partially a Music Venue. Then came a time where the director of operations asked me to run tickets at the door, then run the sound, then giving me keys, then giving me the social media. And one day he got a job that started taking up more of his time so he asked me to run shows that he had organized while I could plan some of my own. So from 2019 to mid-2020 I managed and operated The Glory Hub. Until one day the owner said he couldn’t afford the venue anymore since buying a house and if it were to continue to run as a music venue I would need to get the lease in my name, and so I did.

In the last quarter of 2020 The Vibes Venue was born and we rocked shows every weekend for 3 months. In a time when only a couple other venues were hosting shows due to the pandemic. We were alright though no one got sick and no outbreak was reported from our happenings. I think those months of 2020 were a very important part of the process for the Fort Wayne music scene to become what it is today.

Since the end of 2020 the original location of The Vibes Venue has not hosted any public shows. The landlord refused to take care of Fire Safety Codes that the Fire Marshal pressed on me. So until a new location is acquired I’ve been hosting shows at various locations like The Ruin, The Garden & Wunderkammer. I got big plans for the next space! I’m thinking a evening to late night coffee/tea/ramen shop, with a local artisan gallery a part of the venue!